@Tokyo Data Center Tour and Seminar

Learn the tips and secrets needed for a successful Internet business in Japan

@Tokyo, ARTERIA Networks, and NTT SMARTCONNECT will be holding a data center tour followed by a seminar in Tokyo for Peering Asia 1.0 attendees and engineers involved in peering. This is a unique opportunity to see Japan’s (and one of the World’s) largest single building data centers, and a major point of interest to a wide variety of industries as the facility evolves as one of the liveliest internet hubs in Japan. We will also provide you useful and practical tips to help you consider how to peer in Tokyo and Osaka by launching a base here.

  • Date: Tuesday 2017/10/31 09:30-13:30
  • Venue: @Tokyo Data center (Toyosu area in Tokyo)
  • Host: @Tokyo Corporation, ARTERIA Networks Corporation and NTT SMARTCONNECT Corporation


  1. @Tokyo Data Center Tour
  2. Tour of @Tokyo’s flagship center, where major IXs in Japan and about 30 global carriers provide their services.

  3. Seminar
    1. @Tokyo as a peering point in Japan.
    2. Overview of our flagship center and our efforts toward connectivity improvement.

    3. Several tips to connect via @Tokyo to the world and using ARTERIA’s backhaul service.
    4. We’ll be sharing the information of CLS (Chikura, Maruyama, and etc.) and points you should note when securing cable routes from CLS to Tokyo metropolitan area. ARTERIA will also show some case examples of their backhaul services.

    5. The Peering Circumstances at Osaka 2017
    6. NTT SMARTCONNECT will be introducing latest trends of rapidly growing Osaka data center market and share its connectivity improvement as a peering location

  4. Networking Lunch

If you’d like to join, please e-mail to bizdev@attokyo.co.jp with your name, organization, title and e-mail address.